Thursday, May 5, 2016

Flat Roof Solar Panel Installation

I am excited to share my most recent solar install. I really love working with these clients—their home is a museum of art collections and designs, and both the exterior and interior of the house are architectural beauties.

This project included connecting a 40-panel solar system to the grid. Because the roof is flat, we used the SunModo racking system, which is specialized in custom systems for flat roofs ( It has several other advantages as well:
1.     SunModo is all aluminum, which makes it very lightweight, so there’s less stress on the roof, but still thick and burly enough to support 40 panels.
2.     Because of its angle arms, this is an excellent system to use in areas with high winds and ocean breezes. (This product is tremendously popular in Hawaii, where it is subjected to salt breezes and tropical storms.)
3.     The racking system is designed to level and plumb itself easily.

From a professional point of view it was great working with this system. It is light, dependable, easy to install, and very cutting edge.

This install required structural mounting to the roof, which meant we had to work in close cooperation with the roofer. We set him up for success by making all our holes on the roof small, clean, neat, and tidy. Our roofer, Reed Roofing (, was helpful in waterproofing our penetrations using Gaco foam and silicone in 54 E-curbs (

An important tip for solar installers, roofers, plumbers, or electricians, working on flat roofs: When the existing roof has a silicone layer, you must be careful not to use the E-curb POLY filler. The POLY in the E-curb kit will melt your silicone roof layer and instead of sealing it, will cause it to leak. 

It was a little nerve-wracking to do this install in the middle of the rainy season, but because we used the SunModo racking system, and were able to work closely with Reed Roofing, the panels were up in less than a week. The rooftop now blends beautifully with the serene mountain views of this stunning Carpinteria home.

We had a blast from the beginning to the end on this job. For more information about solar panel installation please go to our website

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