Friday, August 12, 2016

What’s behind a contractor’s license?

Lately we have seen the emergence of many inexperienced contractors. These unreliable contractors often disguise themselves under a legitimate license by renting a license from a retired contractor or someone else who has the ability to pass the Contractors State License Test. These “instant” contractors never went through the proper channels of working in the field under other contractors, and lack foresight and real experience.

A conscious contractor puts his heart into his work and demands the same of his employees and subcontractors. This subtle, sometimes unseen passion and dedication are what keeps a contractor busy without advertising. A conscious contractor knows that the quality of his material, his labor, and foresight separates him from the other guys who are pretending to be experienced contractors.

Inexperienced fly-by-night contractors have a different attitude: They are looking to make a quick buck. They know there is no real consequences for their shoddy work because their name is not on the license. When the licensing board revokes the license they were using for what ever reason, they consider it just the cost of doing business. They will find another license to rent, taking no responsibility for their inexperience or the clients who got burned along the way.

These unrepeatable contractors often push their employees to the limit with no real reward. That kind of business practice causes the quality of workmanship to go down.

I take pride in rewarding my employees beyond their weekly pay to boost their morale after we complete the job. This not only brings up the quality of our work, it adds an overall attitude of camaraderie and selfless energy.

An uninsured, inexperienced contractor usually is cutting corners to maximize his income. Not having workers comp, liability insurance, or a good bond shows his intentions to everyone around him, including you, the customer!

Please note that legitimate contractors have overhead: They have accountants, insurance, taxes, secretaries, tools, and work trucks. This is proof that they are interwoven into our society. They follow rules and laws, and take their responsibilities to heart. They know they must share the honey with their clients, employees, and community.

That is true success.

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